End of examination celebration for Year 11

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End of examination celebration for Year 11

 Year 11 celebrated the end of their GCSE examinations  (a little early) on Friday 27th May with an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, a buffet and a bouncy assault course. Despite examinations continuing after half term, Year 11 were able to let off some steam and mark the end of their studies in Key Stage 4. Head of Key Stage 4 Alex Bolton and Acting Assistant Head of Key Stage 4, Sam King, were joined by Year 11 tutors in a fun filled Friday afternoon. “Half Term will of course require further revision but they have worked so hard we wanted to give them something just for themselves”,  Alex Bolton reflected on their two years of preparation. “With work experience just around the corner once GCSE’s have finished, and then Sixth Form at Bethany in September, this afternoon will be a much needed break."

Year 11 certainly took advantage of this and enjoyed the early summer sunshine; it will be back to work soon... but not just yet. “Their tutors have been an incredible support,” Alex continued, “the relationships they have built with their tutees are tremendous and testament to the pastoral care delivered at Bethany."

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